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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Family of 4

We have a new addition to the family!!
Chole Jo Lavin

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I couldnt just post about things around the house without posting about our sweet Aves. Its been so long and Avery is just getting so big. Here are some pics of her within the last month of her being.......................her :)

Avery is a good helper, helping me with laundry. I hate it when you start needing to explain.....ya know the body anatomy. Me being a nurse just wants to call it what it is, but Corey disagrees saying "we will just call it private parts," and now I know why. In the middle of getting dressed one day Avery pointed to my "who whoos" when I explained those are "boobs," Now when someone is holding her, she will make a point to say "boob" while pointing at them. Silly mommy slipped up and will remember "private parts," are a much better term for now.

While cleaning out my car Avery helped and found my keys. Being as smart as she is started to put the key into the ignition. SCARY!! When I asked where are you going she said "Issacs" which is my little nephew whom Avery seems to love.

My mom bought Avery this crown and for 3 days she wanted to wearing it calling it a "hat" but wearing all around the house. Maybe trying to tell me something. She a princess and dont let me forget it. WERE IN TROUBLE!!

Avery loves loves loves to read books. So when I let her she will turn her room into a library, kinda.

Mommy and Aves

She is also very obsessed with shoes. Im sure its just a phase but man on man its hard to go up after her picking them all up.


Downstairs inspiration!! Belive it or not I caved in when we bought our new house having it be completely finished and am letting Corey decorate the basement. With lots of speaking to about hanging his "animals" on the wall I explained that it has to be classy, rustic and a cabin feel not just animals collecting dust and scaring all the neighborhood children. With that said Corey is letting me stencil the wall. The picture below is the exact stencil we bought. Now if I could just push myself to do it. I think when its complete it will look kinda cool. We shall see, pictures to come.

New headboard

New head board in the making, here is my inspiration. I recently bought this darling quilt at the quilt shop and wanted to turn our master bedroom into a homey cabin/cottage feel. Since I dont have the budget to support purchasing new furniture from "potterybarn" I am having to find new ways to spend my time and dollars more wisely.

The shutters I bought were pretty hammered but after some spackel and $15.00 to buy them all I have to do is buy some paint and put them up. I will be posting more pictures when completed. Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What we've been up too

POST STARTS FROM THE BOTTOM UP!! Last but not least were moving..................FINALLY out on our own again. This house, HAHAHA I wish, maybe one day. We have been looking for the right one and put in multiple offers for about a year and were suppose to close on June 20th. Please keep your fingers crossed for us. Even though it has been a blessing for us to stay with my parents for 2 years, we are ready to start out again on our own.
Sitting by the camp fire

Tryin to stay warm

We went on our big family camping trip to Wasatch. It was a struggle trying to get Avery to sleep but if there is one thing that she loves more than anything and that is being outside or "side" is what she says...............................constantly.

Corey FINALLY Graduated from the Police Academy. Were so proud of him. It was hard but we knew he could do it. Coreys whole life has been surrouded by the Police force. His dad on the left had been a police officer for almost 40 years or so and Coreys brother has worked as a detective in the narcotic unit for over 8 years. Coreys just following in their footsteps and I couldnt be prouder. He just currently got hired as a reserve for Lehi city and a full time police officer for the prision. Scary you might ask, well YA there are some crazies out there. But there is one thing I know. Corey is so street smart which is why he choose the perfect perfession and obviously its the only thing that he knows.

Avery and "DADA"

Trying to concentrate.

Avery easter day, the sun was shining in her face and I just thought these were hilarous.

Avery learning to walk. Every year we do a big easter egg hunt with the family, (theres tons of little ones) and this was the first year (obviously) that Avery was able to join in the fun. One of my favorite things about raising a child is all the things you loved about being a child come back to you and you almost get to re-live it. Easter just happens to be my favorite holiday.


This picture is for Cami. Coreys family is amazing at keeping there kids stuff, like stuff they loved when their childen were growing up etc. and keeping it in impeccable shape. This outfit is one that cute Carli wore when she was just a munchkin and Avery loved it!! She requested to wear the hat.

MOM and Aves

Avery is such a "cheeseball." Anytime you say cheese this is what you get :)

Whats a been going on around the Lavin house you might ask? Well Id love to tell you that Ive been so busy to update this thing, and that is the reason its been 6 months or more, but the truth is Ive just been so lazy to get on and play around with this website to update it. But Ive been getting hate emails about it so here you go. Avery has turned 1!!! Yea, my baby girl is growing up. I say yea, cause the older they get the more fun they become. I HATE THE NEWBORN PHASE. I have been getting lots of questions latley like, "when you going to have your next?" The truth is when were ready. I would like them to be about 3 years apart so you do the math. Avery had a great birthday, she loves the spot light and everyone knows it, which makes it quite entertaining. We had lots of family support and she was happy. She was born 2 days before Valentines day so I made the theme around that. I think it turned out kinda cute. If you want to see more pics of it, let me know Ill update and dedicate it just about her 1 year.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


nEEd I sAy mORe??

Thursday, October 14, 2010

8 months

Avery is 8 months old now and WOW does time fly bye. Avery is such a happy baby. She hardly ever cries. She only get upset when she hungry or tired. Avery LOVES her cousins and smiles and swings her arms super fast like she swimmin when she sees them. She can sit up on her own and eats any food that mommy and daddy eats. Avery loves animals and being outside. Its one of my best distractions for her which is another reason why I'm so not ready for the cold weather. Avery can say dadda and momma. She sucks her thumb which is the cutest thing ever when she tired or sleeps and hardly ever takes a binki. The pictures below are just some of her. Shes getting so BIG and is a total mommies girl which I obviously love.